Barnathan Brasserie

Tımarcı Sokak No: 1 Galata


In the Barnathan Apartments, one of the earliest examples of 19th-century apartments in Galata, you do feel yourself as a part of history.

Built almost 130 years ago, the enterance gate’s engravings welcome you with the years 1892 and 1893, together with the corresponding Jewish dates 5652 and 5654.

Antik Yunan, Roma, Bizans, Sefarad Yahudileri, Ermeniler, Levantenler, Çerkesler, Gürcüler, Pontuslular, Kapadokyalılar, Arnavutlar, Ruslar...

In the mysterious sections of time,
Surrounded by many memories,

With footsteps of history,
In the most colorful and savoury city of the world,
In the presence of Galata Tower,
Hope to get together with joy and pleasure again...

  • 8:30am - 10:30pm