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Who is Stella?

Moise Barnathan (b. 1853-d. 1935) was married to Stella Behar (who was born in Istanbul just like Moise) and they moved to Nice in the early 1900s. Stella Barnathan, the only living granddaughter of Moise, told me that her father Vitalie Haim Barnathan and her mother Rachel Profeta were living in Turkey until 1926. Vitalie Haim Barnathan was working in Bank Francais de Orient in Karaköy. He was also dealing with pharmaceutics. The family left Turkey when Stella Barnathan was 4 years old. They moved to Nice where Doctor Leon Barnathan, son of Moise and Stella’s uncle, was already living. During the Second World War, Vitalie Haim was taken to a concentration camp. His wife Rachel and Stella Barnathan could escape to Istanbul in 1942.