130 Years Ago

The Original Building's Name Was

Masion Madeleny

Meroddi Pera Flats

When we set off in 2013, our dream was to provide our hotel guests with the opportunity to live and breath the essence and history of Galata in a single street.
So we decided to turn almost every 19th century Ottoman house in Şahkulu Street into an integrated unit of a single hotel. Each property was carefully restored with utmost respect to the history of the building.
Today Meroddi properties are the first and only buildings of their kind in the whole of Istanbul, working under the concept of “distributed hospitality.”

Meroddi Pera Flats

Original building was built between 1881 and 1883. However, it is believed to have been demolished in 1889 to be rebuilt as a five-story apartment bloc, following the enactment of the new construction regulations that allowed higher buildings.
1891 records show the owner of our main building (Şahkulu Street, No. 20) as Mr. Andre Madeleny, who had a pharmacy, that also sold orthopaedic materials, at Grande Rue de Pera.
This is why we name the building after “Maison Madeleny” today.

Updated records after 1895 show the owner of the building as Theodore Yannissopoulos, an Ottoman Greek, who resided in Otçu Street, right around the corner of Şahkulu Street. Mr. Yannissopoulos had several properties in Galata district with one office building that bore his name in Karaköy.
Maison Madeleney serves as boutique flats since 2013. In close proximity to the 14th century Galata Tower, originally known as Tower of Christ, Maison Madeleny is especially preferred by travellers who wish to explore more the Genoese Galata, once a semi-independent colony with its own governor, appointed by the senate of Genoa republic.